Update 2.27.2017

Update 2.27.2017


Dear Members & Constituents,

Re: Update – 2.27.2017

  • Things have been going very well for us lately. We got over 100 Members last week, and actually got some Donations – which are always hard to come by.
  • The M-103 Motion in the House of Commons was debated and will be voted on in April. It is not a Bill as some think.  It is a Motion to form a Committee.  They will have about 240 days to research the issue of Islamophobia and report their findings.  We can at least expect some constructive debate from the Conservatives on the matter.
  • Ontario is starting a Committee to examine the issue of Islamophobia as well, however we do not expect any constructive debate or resistance from the PC.
  • It is expected that all or most Provinces will start introducing Legislation to ensure that Islamofascism escalates. To a large degree this is policy that is being adopted due to the influence of the UN.  This has been going on for some time.  This is a by-product of Globalization.  Our Party does not agree, that our Government should be driven by UN Policies.  We do not agree that our Elected Representatives should be forefitting our democracy to any of the non-elected, non-democratic institutions.   This is an example of the kind of retrograde forces we are being forced to adopt:  http://www.meforum.org/477/islamism-grows-stronger-at-the-united-nations
  • Trudeau has called by-elections in five Ridings. It was always our intention to become a Federal Party.  It is now, more important than ever to provide the Liberals with a deterrence.  Please help by filling out the attached form and send it to me ASAP.  We only have a month to ready ourselves for the by-elections and hopefully find Candidates in some, or all of the other Ridings.
  • We have started to get some Donations. We need Donations in the area of $2,000.00 per week to become a real Professional Party.  But even Donations in the area of $1,000 per month will help us to grow by running our Robo-calls and building our lists and Memberships.  We do, however need more cash to do Town Halls in the various Ridings across the Province.  Ultimately we need to spend time and money in getting our research formatted and framed professionally, so that it has the best effect.
  • Provincially we have decided to concentrate on four key areas:
    1. Hydro
    2. Education
    3. Health
    4. Economy
  • Hydro:
    1. We are producing Hydro we don’t need and paying to get rid of it.
    2. We don’t need Darlington or the Wind or Solar Farms. We propose to cancel both the Darlington refurbishment plans and the Wind and Solar Farm Contracts.
    3. The Administration is overpaid and onerous, we propose to eliminate all waste and considerably downsize.
    4. We can buy all the Hydro we want from Quebec at $0.05 kilowatt, on long term contracts – this is what we intend to do.
  • Education:
    1. We intend to repeal the Sex-Ed Curriculum and a number of other Statutes.
    2. We intend to install a Curriculum that is designed and by Teachers and Parents.
    3. We intend to put more accountability on Teacher and Parents, to ensure their students do better, and to work with them to ensure they have the necessary resources to succeed.
    4. We intend to make our Schools more accessible to the Community.
    5. We intend to have longer school days and longer school years; and to have students graduate earlier.
    6. We intend to have a province-wide early years development program.
    7. More co-op programs will be included in the School Curriculum.
    8. Apprentice Teachers will be integrated in the School System.
    9. More programs – to allow students to develop better, will be included in the School System including: Art, Music, Physical Educations.
    10. We intend to introduce legislation to ensure the Teacher’s Pension Fund is investing in Ontario First.
  • Health:
    1. The Health System is being abused; and our Party will introduce a user fee.
    2. More latitude will be given to Doctors to treat patients and extra bill.
    3. More regulation and accountability will be enacted to review Doctor Billings.
    4. A mediation system will be set up to fast track issues and disputes with Doctors.
  • Economy:
    1. The Party will work with Unions to ensure that they are fully utilizing their ability to have Labor Sponsored Funds, and concurrently, invest in Ontario’s Economy.
    2. Unions Pensions will be more accountable and invested in Ontario.
    3. The Corporate Tax Rate will be reduced to 6%.
    4. The Minimum Wage will be frozen, until such time as the Unemployment Rate decreases substantially.
    5. Companies making positions for more labor will be given Hydro subsidies for night shifts and labor and productions occurring during ‘off peak periods’.
  • In most cases we have already researched the aforementioned areas substantially. We just need to be quite scientific in the presentation or our policies.
  • The Drumond Report remains a ‘go to guide’ for a substantial amount of the issues and concerns that face the residents of Ontario. It is by no means a ‘fix all’ solution to restore the Province to the “Province of Opportunity’ as it once was; but it is a helpful guide to analyze important economical matters, and a ‘good place to start’ when facing economic challenges and problems.
  •  http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/reformcommission/chapters/report.pdf

A.D. Smitherman – Leader

Canadian Constituents’ Party

517-40 Founthead Road

Toronto ON M3J 2V1