The Good German

The Good German


The Good German:

The ‘subtle and systemic’ proliferation of Agenda 21 and the One World Government.

There is nothing secretive or conspiratorial about Agenda 21. It has been on the books for decades. It has permeated all levels of Government; and in most instances as been innocently incorporated into the plans of most Municipalities and all other levels of Government.

Of critical importance is understanding that the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives – ICLEI a Multinational Non Government Organization was created to implement Agenda 21 around the world.

Many describe the ‘subtle and systemic’ deployment of Agenda 21 as a “page out of the NAZI playbook.” More to the point is that ICLEI has perfected the DELPHI TECHNIQUE – to infiltrate ‘local community groups and organization and Unions.’ It provides support and training to various politicians and community leaders and covertly nurtures them to effect Agenda 21.

The DELPHI Technique

It was initially developed by the RAND Corporation as a Cold War mind control technique and is used to channel groups of people to accepting a point of view that was imposed on them; but at the same time they are of the belief that it was their own idea. Through the 70s and 80s it was used to convince land owners to accept General Plans in their Municipalities. Delphi can be used on one group or the entire world. Ever wonder why the Main Stream Media does not always report on certain events? Trained facilitators run local groups and direct them to a desired outcome. It can be used in planning meetings and transportation plan meetings to name just a few examples. Delphi can be used in anything from school board meetings to neighborhood association meetings and anyplace that the desired objective os creating the appearance of reaching ‘community consensus’. The key thing is that you have no input. Only comments and observations that support the objective will be supported. The appearance that the public has ‘bought in’ is all that is necessary. The ‘facilitator’ may be a trained professional or local ‘community leader’ that has been covertly trained and nurtured to run these meetings. Count on the audience to be contaminated with shills to harass you or center you out in front of your friends and neighbors – if you don’t ‘pull the train’ or ‘go along – to get along’.

Be a Good German!

In NAZI Germany you either liked the NAZIs or you ‘went along – to get along.’ We all know how that worked out.

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Rosa Koire

Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21