Comments and Opinions are Invited!

Comments and Opinions are Invited!

A Strong Voice for Voters

I am reaching out to our Constituents for their opinions on matters that are important to them.  This will enable us – to advocate in the best interests of all voters.

You will find my Cell Number, Email address and Website address below.  Please feel free to contact me.

It is my opinion that much can be done to allow voters a stronger voice – in the matters that are important to them and the community.

It is my view that an Elected Representative should be thevoter’s advocate’ – they represent the needs, wants and concerns of the voter.  I trust you want that too.

A Message From Art

As a person who understands the challenges of the information-technology age; and the complications we face as we navigate the intersection with Globalization we are forced to manage the economic effects ‘a rapidly changing economy’.

Voters have not received their fair share of resources from any level of government!  Poverty is reaching pandemic proportions and the middle class is shrinking.

My informal studies of Anthropology give me a unique understanding of the economic demands placed on business, people and community.  I will anticipate challenges to the community and advocate for positive change in a manner that is ‘in the best interest of all voters’ and delivers better value.

I have a breadth of post secondary education.  This allows me to perform proper analysis and research in a variety of areas.  Coupled with my formal and informal study of economics, I can apply ‘common sense economics’ to a variety of challenges in business and social environments.

As a person who has graduated from York University’s Dispute Resolution Program, and that has leveraged these studies with my own research and analysis – I am very professional in ‘think tank’ and dispute resolution’ settings.  I leverage these interactions into ‘mutual interest bargaining’ and getfull value for all’.

For me, Legal Studies have been an exercise in ‘applied ethics’; and enable me to leverage my experience with case studies and understanding of common law in practical situations.

Provincially: we need to undertake serious reforms in four key areas:  Hydro, Economy, Education and Health.  We have simple, achievable reform measures to propose in all four areas.


The Subway vs. LRT debate rages on.  It is about very important economics; and few of us have all the facts on the cost and effect of these modes of transportation.  Namely, an LRT will not get people off the roads and out of their cars; nor will it get people to work any faster than riding a bus.

Subways get people out of their cars and off the roads, plus they bring development and jobs.  They are much faster than LRTs and get people to work faster.  They also attract business development, and LRTs do not.

Please talk to me, I am well informed on these matters; and understand the short term and long term economic effects of both options.  If the live-blood of the Ward is built on good Transportation; where is there room for improvement?


Many are of the opinion that the Police Department has serious leadership problems.  They stem from the G20 and include the deaths of mentally challenged individuals and the fact that Police Officers have made serious mistakes and not been reprimanded.  Should the ‘Policing Model” be adjusted?

If Ward Eight needs an improvement in Policing, we, as citizens, need to support the Police in their role.  Should Police Officers come from the areas they police?  Can we get better protection and improve the way Police resources are deployed?

Housing & Development

There are many concerns about affordable housing.  More development means more affordable housing.

Business development can indeed significantly change the economics of a community.   A Business Condominium will draw all kinds of good jobs!

As your elected official at City Hall – I expect to make significant contributions in these and other areas.

Bringing the Subway to Finch West will bring jobs and the area will be more attractive for developers.  Having a Subway across Finch West will radically improve the economy in Ward Eight – developers will be interested in building here.

The Subway is about ‘Respect for Taxpayers’Having a Subway on Finch West will dramatically increase property values, and create jobs

Please let me know what you think about these issues:

Cell: 647-393-8417