Finch – West LRT Hoax

Finch – West LRT Hoax




With thanks to Jose Ramon Gutierrez: Civil Engineer and Transportation Expert


The Ontario Liberal Government has very aggressively; and with little if any ‘community consultation’ moved forward with the Etobicoke – Finch Light Rail Transit project.  It will be very disruptive to the largest Business Improvement Area in Canada as the LRT will be on the BIA’s only route to the Provincial Highway system.  Over 2500 Businesses and 25000 jobs are at risk as consequence of the project.

The LRT is a subtle and systemic socialist attack on Capital!

The proponents of the LRT are actually small in number; but have been innocently co-opted to advocate for the project based on a string of faulty premise arguments; and assumptions that have been advanced by Metrolinx and Councillor Perruzza.

Not only is this project an ECONOMIC BOMB it will further acerbate poverty and unemployment in an area that is the most culturally diverse in all of Canada.

The ‘grand overarching lie’ is that the LRT will improve transit in the area; but in fact the LRT ‘will not move any more people any faster’ than an express bus; and moreover the LRT will harass and undermine the prosperous business community in the area because it will not be economically feasible for Commercial Truck Traffic to access the business area.

Please help stop this vicious assault on transit and the local economy by signing this petition.