Federal Party Registration

Federal Party Registration

The Tyranny of Trudeau; and his intention, to turn Canada into an Islamic State, will be challenged.



I, Arthur Smitherman, Leader of the Canadian Constituents’ Party have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Brad Salzberg to register and develop a Federal Political Party, The Cultural Action Party of Canada, with the intent of registering Candidates in upcoming Federal elections.

We feel that we need to take urgent action in the face of a Tyrannical Liberal Government, and we need your help.

Please help us by downloading, printing and completing the attached document and sending it to us, at this address, ‘hard copy’ ASAP.

C/O A.D. Smitherman

516-40 Fountainhead Road

Toronto, ON M3J 2V1

Please find instructions and information from Elections Canada below:

Party membership declarations

The Act provides that an application to register a political party must include the names, addresses, and signatures of 250 electors as well as their declarations, in the prescribed form, that they are members of the party and support the party’s application for registration.

The declaration of a member must include:

  • the member’s surname and given name(s)
  • the member’s full residential address and mailing address, if different
  • confirmation that the member is a qualified elector under the Act (i.e. 18 years old and a Canadian citizen), is a member of the political party and supports its application for registration
  • acknowledgment that the member is aware that it is an offence under the Act to make a false or misleading declaration

To be valid, the member’s declaration must be signed and dated by the member in the 12 months preceding the complete submission of the application. This requirement is to ensure that a party applying for registration has a current membership of at least 250 electors. Outdated declarations will not be accepted. The party must submit the members’ original declaration forms to Elections Canada. Faxed, scanned, altered or photocopied declarations are not acceptable.

Elections Canada will communicate directly with the member, in writing, to verify the information provided on the declaration form.

How is an application verified?

Applications for registration are reviewed by the Registrar of Political Parties to ensure that they meet all the requirements of the Act. If an application is incomplete, the Registrar will tell the party leader what is missing and provide an opportunity for the party to complete the registration, within a specified timeframe.

If the application appears complete, a detailed review process follows.

The Chief Electoral Officer has the legal obligation to be satisfied that a party seeking registration meets all the requirements of the Act, including the verification of 250 electors who are party members and support the party’s application for registration.

Elections Canada will communicate directly with the member, in writing, to verify the information provided on the declaration form.

Elections Canada strongly recommends that the party includes in its application for registration more than 250 member declarations. This will ensure that this requirement of the Act is met.

Once the Chief Electoral Officer has verified the party’s application (confirming that 250 electors are members of the party and that the party has met all the other requirements), and is satisfied that the party’s name and logo will not be confused with those of another registered or eligible party, he will inform the party leader that the party is eligible for registration.

The party can lose its eligibility for registration for any of several reasons:

  • the Chief Electoral Officer is not satisfied that the party has updated its application information when required
  • the party fails to endorse a confirmed candidate in at least one electoral district at a general election
  • the party does not have the minimum number of officers
  • the party does not have the minimum number of members who are electors
  • the party has not obtained signed consent to act from its officers, chief agent, and auditor, upon appointment

A party that loses its eligibility cannot be registered but may reapply for registration.

An eligible party may withdraw its application at any time before registration by sending a request to withdraw to the Chief Electoral Officer. The request must be signed by the leader.

When does registration take effect?

After the Chief Electoral Officer has determined that a party is eligible for registration, the party is registered once it endorses a confirmed candidate in a general election or by-election. The Chief Electoral Officer will inform the party leader that the party has been registered as soon as practicable after the party has a confirmed candidate. If the party does not endorse a candidate in a general election, it will cease to be an eligible party when it is informed that it has not been registered.

If a party files an application less than 60 days before the writs for an election are issued, the party cannot be registered for that election. The party may become registered for the next general election or by-election if it endorses a confirmed candidate for that election.

For an overview of the requirements for maintaining registration, see the section “What are the obligations associated with registration?”