We Know Your Story Mr. Tory!

We Know Your Story Mr. Tory!


The 2014 Toronto Municipal Election should be a wake-up call for those of us that care about our City, Province and Country.  But if the Provincial Election didn’t motivate a CALL TO ACTION how can the results of the Municipal Election change anything?  Where are the people ready to make a stand and take issue with Governments that ascribe to utilitarian policies?

An investment in political capital is ‘cronyism’ plain and simple. The Ontario Liberals, with their ‘ponzi scheme’ assembly line, are the most blatant example; but it exists in all Political Parties.

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives have allowed the extreme left to take over the party.  MPPs that you would think are watching the store; and would defend the guiding principles of Conservatism have dropped their balls; and to add insult to injury, are running for the leadership of the Party.

During the run up to the last Provincial Election the ONPC was sold down the river by a collection of leftist infiltrators that used the Party as a means to an end.  The ONPC and its membership was used by a small collection of malcontent brats as a vehicle to assert their own personal revenge.  In their wake they exterminated Conservative values and created a significant political power shift in Ontario.  The effect this has on Global Political Power is grossly underestimated by the average Jack and Jill; but not by one of the main icons for the Globalist kingpins.  Hello Hillary Clinton!  How was your visit?

The bankruptcy of the Province of Ontario will be the turning point in the socialist attack on human and financial capital.  We are well on the way with the Ontario Liberals and their red headed incestuous cousins the NDP.

We know your story Mr. Tory.  Yes, it has something to do with money; but on a much more covert level it is about power.  By bankrupting the City of Toronto, whilst the Province is drowning in debt, the stage will be set for the next great financial crisis.  Rothschild and the Comittee of 300 are rubbing their hands together and licking their chops.  They will be only too willing to give the Province and the City the Capital they require; and will demand diktats in exchange for a nice friendly loan.  So who is running our Governments then?

After taking over the economies of over 60 Countries, the Committee of 300 will be happy to use their IMF and WB franchises to exercise the appropriate diktats – to bring the Queen’s chattels into financial subservience.  After all they have a fine pair of docile lap dogs to assert their Globalist agenda in, Wynne and Tory.

As we all know ‘ultimate power corrupts absolutely’.  The incestuous relationship that the Ontario Liberals have with Union apparatus goes unabated.  The right political paradigm is too busy watching football and hockey or doting on the wife and children to bother to affect the power imbalance that is permeating the Global Political Power spectrum.

How quickly we have forgotten the lessons learnt from the boiling frogs experiment.

The ONPC was purposely indoctrinated into mediocrity; and the membership has contracted to 10% of its glory days as a consequence.   The few seats that remain are populated by docile lap dogs to the Wynne Government and scarcely heard or believed.  They follow the diktats of the pauns at Duncan Street that have been passively and covertly sold into the Globalist agenda and are subtle advocates for the Globalization of Poverty.

The ONPC were not difficult to destroy because the left is better organized then the right.  Rather than concentrate on policies that would interest business and people, and make it interesting – so that the donations would flow in – attacks on the Wynne government was the ONPC party platform.  The ONPC is morally and financially bankrupt.

Moreover, an unpaid intern organizer with obvious ties to the extreme left was hired as an organizer.  He would only recruit Candidates that did not have the motivation, inclination or resources to run in an election.  Sure, Hudak used a ‘bad choice of words’ to destroy the chances for many Candidates; and yes the Union apparatus, fresh off a plum deal from Wynne, made some nefarious claims that exacerbated the problem.

The writing is on the wall:

“Virtually all the Incumbents in the Municipal Election had the support of Party and/or Union apparatus”. 

Tory was supported by the ONPC turncoats that purposely destroyed the ONPC and brought it down to the level of a fringe party.  I guess it makes little difference that two of the mutineers had been run out of Dodge by the Fords in 2010; and were in Tory’s corner.  Pay backs are a bitch huh?  Maybe they are; but revenge is sweet!

The support for the ONPC in the Provincial Election was basically none existent.  What apparatus they had were already working for Wynne’s newly recruited fudge puppet in the Toronto Municipal Election.

There was no apparatus to support Councilor Candidates in the Toronto Municipal Elections.  Tory had the extreme left in docile unison. The Clowncillors at Silly Hall are quite fine as they are.  Thank you very much!  They will be quite happy to board the Gravy Train and start a tax and spend agenda that Soknacki is ready, willing and experienced in exercising.

Revenue problems anyone?

The so called ‘left and right’ political paradigms – describe the way the brain thinks and the vocabulary that a person uses to describe how they think and feel.

Left brains thinkers are left brain dominate and got very little attention as babies and have devolved into adult brats.  They require lots of attention and group and herd easy.  A CAT scan will also reveal an undeveloped frontal cortex in the vast majority of left brain dominant thinkers.  This results in a lack of empathy on a macroeconomic level; and therefore they are prime candidates to adopt utilitarian views and economics.

Likewise, right brain thinkers are better adjusted, don’t require much attention and are very independent.  The problem is: They don’t join groups and are not that verbal.  Oh!  Yes they can be quite caustic and overly critical.

This phenomenon is changing the entire scope of global political power; and the Global Elitists know it; and intend to exploit it by co-opting the left through Union, Political and NGO apparatus.

Remember the Banker’s favorite mantras:

Crisis is Opportunity

Divide and Conquer

The Committee of 300 recognizes this phenomena; and will leverage it through the International Criminal Cartel which they either; own, control or, influence – into acting in their interest.  The ICC includes; but is not limited to the IMF, WB, WTO, WHO, UN, NATO, BIS and the International Court of Justice.

If you don’t understand their motivations, any prudent adult should start understanding the plans for a One World Government; and how it will be achieved by the implementation of Agenda 21 at Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels of Government – in all Countries in the Commonwealth.

Agenda 21 is an ‘open book’.  There is nothing conspiratorial about it.  There are about 4500 accounts of it being mentioned in our Federal Parliamentary sessions.  Evelyn Rothschild, perhaps the most vocal of the Committee of 300, has discussed it many times; and for the record is the ‘official’ right hand man of the Queen.  Mr. Tory will be quite willing to use financial usary to bring the Queen’s chattels into financial subservience.