Thank your for becoming a Member of the Canadian Constituents’ Party.  Your input is welcome; and I invite you to call me, Arthur Smitherman @ 647-393-8417 with any suggestions or concerns that you may have.

We are currently an Ontario Registered Political Party; but plan on becoming a Federal Party in the IMMEDIATE future.

Please help, by printing and completing this form and sending me a HARD COPY, ASAP – to this address:  517-40 Fountainhead Road, Toronto. ON  M3J 2V1

The Canadian Constituents’ Party is a registered Political Party in Ontario. You will get a Tax Credit for making a Donation if you are a Resident of Ontario.

Your Contribution will be put to good use. We are using IVR to do surveys through out the Province. These polls help us identify good Ridings for us to place and support Candidates; and to recruit supporters and members.

We support local community activism!

We are a populist movement: we support TRADITIONAL CANADIAN VALUES, we don’t believe in Austerity to deal with our Economic Challenges. We understand that Ontario has many challenges, Hydro being a major problem.

We are advocating for Reform in four key areas:  Hydro, Economics, Education and Health.

We believe that ‘expanding the pie’ is the method to turn the Province’s Economy around and make Ontario the “Province of Opportunity”, as it once was.

Please feel free to contact us; or send your DONATIONS to:

Arthur Smitherman – 647-393-8417

Canadian Constituents’ Party

517-40 Fountainhead Road

Toronto, ON M3J 2V1

Skype: Adsco77


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“Without DONATIONS there are NO Campaigns”

Each one of us can make a difference.

When each of us does a little, it adds up to a lot.