METROLINX has one of the biggest sunshine lists in the Province; and is known to be highly inefficient and unethical.. It is planning to put an LRT on Finch with little or no community consultation. Let’s remember that this area – although impoverished – supports a large business area. The LRT will not be compatible with the truck traffic on Finch West and this will scare a lot of business out of the area. We are doing a blitz campaign and could use some help. Please let us know if you can help campaign. 647-393-8417




Jose Ramon Gutierrez writes :That the subway crossing Finch will increase density, which makes the case for significant development coming from the subway. The same cannot be said of other streetcar or LRT past developments in Toronto.

As for the bus taking 42 minutes (16 km/h avg. speed) vs the LRT 28 mins. (22 km/h avg. speed), an express bus service would take the same time as an LRT, similar to current express bus service on Finch East (22-26 km/h avg. speed). This can be done with minimum capital investment, and keeping the same 5-lane road configuration. Therefore, the same quality of service can be obtained with minimum investment, and minimum disruption. For a slightly higher investment, additional 2 lanes can be paved for an even faster service with dedicated bus-only lanes, and also avoiding road disruptions.

The Finch LRT proposal considers paving two additional lanes, but will remove the dedicated fifth lane existing on Finch for left turns. It will reduce the road capacity from 5 lanes to 4 lanes. Also, due to transit-priority signals to keep the LRT moving at the expected average speed of 22 km/h, motorized left turns will be done after the intersection, provoking an additional right-turn and further dangerous lane-crossing to make the complete turn. It will also, remove all other left turns that are not on major intersections, contributing to road congestion, even more.

Finch West deserves a subway today, specially with the current density, and the high potential it has for the foreseeable future. It has a large transit-dependent population that will gain enormously with higher transit speeds, that only a subway can provide. A subway will multiply their employment opportunities, not only by the new development that it would bring to the area, but to the fact that they’ll be able to reach other parts of Toronto in shorter times; and also allowing parents to keep their children in daycare for shorter times, while improving their family time.

York University will also benefit greater with express bus service by only extending the current Finch busway to the west, which is 200 metres closer to the campus than an LRT on Finch. A subway along Finch will also become a serious alternative to driving for more York University students.

As for the costs of bringing a subway to Finch West is probably cheaper than the proposed LRT, considering both capital and operational costs ( Subways can be built in Toronto for $100 Mn/km, or less, as per TTC’s and Metrolinx’s own contracts on underground transit construction. It can even cost a lot less if the stations are built within private developments.

Jose Ramon Gutierrez
Transportation Toronto
The trains in Phoenix and Sacramento are very similar to the ones that they are proposing to put on Finch

There is a lot of TRACTOR TRAILER “TANKER” traffic on FINCH!

I have logged over 3M Miles as tractor-trailer driver; and accidents with trains are the worst.  If you still think that a train belongs in the middle of the road – there are ‘dozens; or more vidoes on you tube.  Arthur Smitherman