Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment: Our time in public office will be dedicated to representing our constituents, NOT in maintaining the status quo. If honoured with your trust, we will return both the province and the nation to responsible government through constitutional reform.

i): All major decisions that affect constitutional and electoral reform must be put to referendums to ensure that the will of the people will be carried out. The outcomes of such referendums must be binding.

ii): We are committed to restoring public confidence through renewing responsible government limited by law which will be monitored by a vigilant 4th Estate. All government funding of the 4th Estate must end to assist in preventing biases and influence peddling with the media.

iii): We are committed to ridding our bureaucracies of waste, excessive cost and variation regarding the quality of services provided while making those services more effective and affordable through lean science.

iv): We will permit families to control their children’s education by advocating for greater parental involvement in the public education system at the local level. No provincial body will dictate matters of sexuality and morality to our children, this responsibility resides solely with the parents. The family and its values are the sacred building blocks of society. Government has no business redefining the nature of the family.

v): We will not sell out Canadian values and culture to cultural revisionists who hope to rewrite our history thereby undermining national pride. We will call for an end to unvetted immigration. All Canadians are entitled to the same services and benefits. Newcomers must not receive special treatment above that of Canadians and Permanent Residents who pay federal and provincial taxes.

vi): We encourage the use of ethical Canadian oil and the need for safe pipelines to deliver it to the market.

vii): We are committed to rebuilding our economy through debt retirement and making investment in our future more attractive to investors. This will include tax reforms to encourage such investment. These tax reforms would also include an end to all carbon taxation. We also call for deregulation of excessive governmental restrictions over trade and commerce. The current ‘free trade’ agreements are far from permitting trade that is free. We will also create a tax system that favours the growth of local economies to better serve communities throughout the nation. Regional control by local governments needs to be restored.

viii): We advocate for a non-interventionist foreign policy unless there is a threat to our security and that of our allies. Canada has more than enough issues to deal with at home where your hard-earned tax dollars may be put to better use. We will advocate for vibrant, credible and efficient military power capable of defending our coastal areas and national resources from exploitation by foreign powers. As an example, the lack of such led to the collapse of our cod fisheries. As well, there is nothing wrong with minding our own business abroad and refraining from interfering with the affairs of nations whose traditions and methods of governance are vastly different from that of our own. It is condescending and disrespectful to assume that other cultures wish to govern themselves as we do.

ix): We are committed to ending the apartheid of the current reserve system to find a more viable means of partnering with our First Nations peoples.

x): We believe, and will advocate for a 33% reduction in Hydro Costs; Economic Reform; Education Reform; Health Care Reform and finally, The Cultural Action Party is not merely a choice; we are the ONLY choice for Canadians who want their government to be responsible to all Canadians.

In Summation: The Cultural Action Party aims to move Canada beyond the divisive politics of the left versus right political divide. We are dedicated to representing all Canadians who hope for a more functional and truly representative democracy with vibrant and healthy regional economies. Thank you for your consideration of our proposals. We want to hear from you. Your feedback, input, and involvement are greatly needed. Your voices will no longer be silenced by the current cadre of champagne socialists and political oligarchs who hold you in utter contempt.

We are here to put an end to their grip over us, for all Canadians!