Anti -Terrorism Update

Anti -Terrorism Update


The most important Lawsuit in the History of Canada has got little if any coverage from the mainstream media.  The Lawsuit has got more exposure in other parts of the World than it has here in Canada.

The fact is that the mainstream media is a disinformation apparatus and is guilty of omission – it acts in the interests of Government – and the Global Elitists through:

  • a) ownership
  • b) control; or
  • c) influence

The Lawsuit the Committee of Monetary and Economic Reform [better known as COMER – and lead by 100 year old Economist Bill Krehm and his confederates] – have initiated is “in effect”: an Anti-Terrorism Lawsuit against the:

  • Bank of Canada
  • Minister of Finance
  • Attorney General

This is the most important case in Canadian History as it will turn back the clock on State Terrorism by forty-one years if successful.  It is also a benchmark case in that: it is the first case in history to address State Terrorism – which is notoriously “subtle and systemic”.

From the 30s through to the 60s it was very common for the populace to take the Government to court.  Since multicultural immigration policy was introduced by Canada’s father of State Terrorism – the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau – a more docile and compliant populace has allowed the Government to follow the diktats of the Central Banks who control our monetary policies and undermine our sovereignty.  In effect usury economics has shifted wealth from the lower and middle class to the upper classes and most notably to the “private bankers”.  In a subtle and systemic sense this has created an economic “war on women and children” as poverty is in pandemic proportions and it is women  and children that tend to suffer more than men.

The main purpose of the Bank of Canada was to print money and issue loans to Provinces and Municipal Governments that were at very low interest rates.  Trudeau’s circumvention of the Bank of Canada; and conversion to the to the Rothschild’s International System of Banking costs each riding in Canada about $533K  in interest everyday.

The Government has lost it’s appeals and the case is ready to go to the Supreme Court of Canada in the new future.


 Arthur Smitherman is an anthropologist, community activist and free speech advocate, who recently came in 2nd in the Ward 8 Councillor race.




The Conservatives and Liberals have conspired, most likely under the direction of the central banks, to nullify our constitutional rights.  But one man is prepared to risk his life to stop them.


 On May 30, 2015, Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati addressed a crowd of protesters in front of Queens Park with “Any MP who voted for this bill should not get any Canadian citizen’s vote.  Any candidate running for a party that voted for this bill should not get any Canadian citizen’s vote.  This is clearly a fascist and dictatorial piece of legislation.”

He was talking about Bill C-51, an Orwellian piece of legislation that the Conservatives and Liberals pushed through parliament with virtually no input from the Canadian people.  Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella STRONGLY SUPPORTS Bill C-51, but one has to wonder if he does merely due to the fact that Justin Trudeau supported it.  I doubt Mr. Kinsella has actually read the bill.

The Harper Conservatives claim that Bill C-51 is being implemented in “the interest of Canadians”.  However, their track record reveals that they are not likely being sincere.  They axed $420M from the RCMP budget and $44M from the CSIS budget between 2009 and 2014.  How does that protect the security of Canadians?

There is no question that Bill C-51 strengthens a significant number of other Bills that are necessary for Canadians to be protected from terrorism in the global arena in which we compete.  But it also makes us wonder about the Government’s hidden and competing agendas.

The fact is that virtually every Member of the House of Commons wanted strong legislation to protect Canadians from terrorists; so did the 45 government security experts that testified.  Why then did the Conservatives ram through Bill C-51, only allowing three minor amendments from Conservative backbenchers, whilst ignoring all of the valuable input from experts and other party Members?

Rocco Galati explained to the crowd that he has five deeply disconcerting issues with Bill C-51 that are brutally shocking:

  • The government can share your private information with all government agencies and foreign Governments, without being subject to transparent Judicial Oversight. That means if you travel overseas, a foreign government could kidnap and torture you based on that information.
  • The government can arbitrarily restrict who can travel.
  • Freedom of association, expression, and protest can be disrupted arbitrarily by CSIS, and political criticism with respect to “terrorism and the government’s role” will now be an act of terrorism in and of itself!
  • CSIS can covertly circumvent constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms.
  • The right to transparent Judicial Oversight is taken away.

I don’t know about you, but I think most Canadians would agree that the above sounds an awful lot like a fascist regime with secret police.  We can never underestimate the intelligence of Stephen Harper.  With the input of the Members of Parliament and the 45 experts that testified, Bill C-51 could have been bullet proof–if you will excuse the pun.  It could have incorporated enough safeguards to guarantee our freedoms while giving the government the tools it needs to keep us safe.

Luckily, this dangerous piece of legislation now stands the strong possibility of getting completely shot down in Court.  Constitutional Law expert Rocco Galati has announced that he and the Center for Constitutional Rights, which he founded in 2004, will be challenging the constitutionality of Bill C-51.  This case will represent the 40th in their history.

Rocco Galati is no stranger to controversy.  His phone has been tapped by CSIS since 1999.  Just a few weeks ago, Rocco Galati and COMER (Committee Of Monetary And Economic Reform) won the first part of a court battle challenging the Bank of International Settlements and Central Banks’ control of our Bank of Canada.  Pierre Trudeau surrendered control of our central bank to them back in 1974, and Rocco is in the process of reversing that illegal decision with this legal challenge.

Let us hope that Rocco can defeat Bill C51 in court so that we can continue to live free and outside of the influence of foreign elements that are relying on Bill C-51 to turn Canada into a fascist vassal state.