It is important for thirteen year olds to make plans to have sex! Under the Liberal’s Sex Ed Curriculum that is what they are being taught.

So just what is the Liberal Agenda? Is it about Sex Education or about GROOMING children to be promiscuous – which, at thirteen….. is ILLEGAL? Lest we forget: a convicted Sex Criminal, “Ben Levine” wrote the Sex Ed Curriculum. Is the Liberal Sex Ed Curriculum about normalizing Adult Sex with Children too? Seems so, there is a pandemic of teacher on student sexual assaults happening. But of course we don’t hear much about them on our Main Stream Media.

If you are thinking that there is more to this than just Sex Ed you are right. The fact that this program has a hidden agenda should not be much of a surprise.

Yes! This topic it is a very difficult topic for some adults, particularly if they don’t have school age children, or nephews and nieces.

However, we must learn to understand that we are dealing with the ‘Human Emergency’. Our Rulers are intent on ‘domesticating’ us to be more compliant and useful to them.

It is important for us to fully understand the role of our Elected Representatives. In Canada our Elected Representatives and Lawyers must make an Oath to the Queen, a Member of the RULING ELITE. Our Elected Representatives have no legal obligation to us, the voting populace. The role of Elected Representatives is to control the populace in the interest of the Ruling Elite. They control us through numerous institutions and machinations. Schools and Governments are only two of the Institutions that are used to control us.

Please see Mark Corske’s video ‘Engines of Domination’ for more on Political Theory.

We know that most of our political parties had representatives attend the UN’s Climate Change Conference. The purpose of the Conference was to ensure that our Rulers would deploy the Climate Change Hoax on the masses to extract more tax from them. So the idea is to use the Climate Change Hoax to extract more resources from the populace; but in addition to having our buying power undermined, we have also been subject to an increasingly larger political power base. Exorbitant Hydro costs are also undermining the populace in much the same way. These are ‘soft subjugation’ techniques.

Unfortunately ‘soft subjugation’ techniques are tools used by a larger apparatus that is intent on installing a UN controlled Totalitarian Communitarian State around the World.

The role of the Liberal Sex Ed Curriculum is to hijack the sexual energy of our children and to undermine their productivity. This is DOMINATION! They are intent on grooming our children for illegal sexual activity with other children, children that could be potentially much older or much younger. We know that there is a huge ‘disparity’ in the ages of the children participating in the acts. There are already cases of this happening. We don’t hear about them because of the Young Offenders Act.

Scott Mason…. “It is the teaching not of a just society, but of a perverted individualism that separates children not only from the values of the parents that bore, love and nurture them, but the idea that they too will one day be responsible for children when this government and its philosopher-kings lie on the ash heap of history.”

You Tube has taken down a number of videos on Ontario’s Sexual Ed Curriculum. This Rebel Video with Ezra Leveant is very good.

The World is controlled by an extremely small group of Ruling Elites, whilst the power of the people is immense. What is required to free ourselves from the domination of the Engines of Domination is DISCIPLINE and ACTION.

L. Ron Hubbard

It will be found that the enemy is well united and that he uses the full force of credulous and incompetent governments to crush the whole people.

It is not a “symptom of the times” that things are going wrong in the West. They are carefully planned that way.

Each public group that is protesting is today divided from the rest so that no united public voice calls erring agencies to account.

In the West our affairs are in the hands of experimenters in social control. The result is disorder and disaster.

There is such a thing as Western government devoid as it used to be of social and economic utopians.

In one way or another every protesting group has as its purpose the halting of further faulty experimentation and the restoration of the sound and wise policies in government.

While we still have something left for which to fight, all public societies and groups should unite to halt the tyranny and oppression which threatens to engulf us and destroy forever the society on which we depend.

The West came to greatness under the banner of liberty. But all liberties are gradually withered away where a public is not alert.

Revolt is not the answer. Firm and united counseling of the government by groups which defend our culture and our liberty alone can serve us all.

Please Support The Sex Ed Curriculum Rally:

Queen’s Park

September 21, 2016

Noon until 2:00PM

Written by: Arthur Smitherman